About Liz

Born in Buffalo, NY, Liz was raised with an art background, starting with the moment she was able to first hold a paintbrush around age two. During middle and high school, she attended Mollyolga Neighborhood Art Classes (re-named Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes) where she studied painting, drawing and photography. She then moved on to the Maryland Institute, College of Art, obtaining a BFA in illustration. However her heart still held true to painting. Graphic design work helps pay the bills.

She currently resides in Abingdon, MD with her husband, daughter, 2 cats and 6 frogs. When she isn’t making art, she’s fixing cars, gardening and hitting the playground.

Don’t offer her fish, mushrooms or eggplant. The fish she is allergic to, the mushrooms and eggplant are just gross.

Locust Street Art Classes

Classes are free to everyone, no matter skill or income level, often giving people the creative outlet they never would have been able to find or afford on their own. Many students attend for years. Locust Street Art has created several public art projects to beautify the city and work with at-risk children and teens. It’s now in its 52nd year and offers classes in painting, drawing, clay, screen printing and black and white film photography.

To find out more or to make a donation to this great cause, visit http://www.giveforgreatness.org/organization/locust-st-neighborhood-art-classes.